I’m Shelby Gill, and I’m an undergraduate journalism student at the University of Arkansas with an expected graduation date of May 2014.

I’m enrolled in the Four-Year Honors program at the University of Arkansas and fulfilling my honors thesis requirement by completing a content analysis of digital publishing and documenting the volume of interactivity that is being used in today’s digital magazines.

I am the lead designer at the Arkansas Traveler, the student-run newspaper. I’m currently tasked with designing the front page of the newspaper, along with the Features section. I’ve also worked as the assistant Features editor, enterprise writer and as the Special Projects editor in past years.

I’m also an editor under the director of communications at the Honors College, where I helped put together the annual edition of A+ magazine, the Honors College Alumni magazine. I also manage all the social media accounts for the Honors College, including: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Honors College Blog and Instagram.

I’m highly proficient in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere. I have some basic skills in HTML coding and website building.

In addition to my work at the University of Arkansas, I’m also a design intern at Freckled Nest Design, a boutique web design company based in Winnipeg, Canada. Freckled Nest Design specializes in building custom blogs, websites and e-commerce shops.

My work has been published in Kinfolk Magazine, the Equals Record, A+ Magazine, the Arkansas Traveler, and the Razorback Reporter.

I am also a connoisseur of chai lattes and sundresses.


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